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2 Months after Surgery:D

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Hi everyone,

Sorry we have not made an updated  for a while we are in the middle of moving to Ontario. Chaos has been doing great, other then the fact it seems like he is a little more antisocial lately. He use to lay on the couch with us and just hang out with the family but now he is always going into his room by himself. While he is in there he is giving himself hot spots, he licks himself until his skin is raw. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to kick this habit?

But other then that he is doing great. We understand that it is just reality that this cancer will take over someday but we are very happy with our decision and he will live a longer, happier life. We just bought a house in Ontario that has No stairs and a huge fenced in backyard so that will make him very happy. Where we live now there’s no back yard and about 27 stairs to get in the house.  Thank you for caring about how our big guy is doing. We will post some pictures very soon.

Lots Of Love Chaos’s Family

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Chaos’s Fight – Day 11, Day 2 post amp.

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  Hi everyone, Chaos came home last night! YAY  Our Dr. was very impressed with the Web Master harness, we found the only store in Nova Scotia that carried them and they only had 1 large(we were very lucky to find one). It was worth the 2 hour drive to get it. We were very happy to have him here in his own bed.  🙂  The night was just about what you would expect it to be after major surgery,  he slept a lot, he cried a bit, but you could tell he was glad to be home.  He did go outside for a  pee last night, he needed a little help but he mostly did it on his own.  Chaos’s Grammy came over this morning and brought him some treats, and if that didn’t make him get right up and walk across the room over to her for just one more of those yummy T-Bones. Thanks Grammy.

  We did not want him to feel isolated so we made him up a second bed in the living room this morning. It lifted his spirits to be around the whole family and so that the other dogs can see him and vice versa.  Montanna and Ben(are other 2 dogs) are so happy to have their big brother home, they slept outside his bedroom last night and when he cried they would cry right along with him.

  Wow it is so amazing to see how fast he is bouncing back,  he has that Chaos sparkle in his eyes that we love to see. He is very alert compared to yesturday, and is walking almost by himself.  He’s not to interested in eating his own food, but let me tell you he has no problem chowing down on a donut.. We are cooking him some steak tonight so that should make him smile. He is drinking lots of water, well as much as Chaos normally would drink, so far he has had about 1.5 liters today. We know there’s still a lot of recovery to go, but we think things are going quite smoothly at the moment.

Chaos goes back to the Dr.’s on Tuesday to have his drain removed so will we give you an update then.. Lots of Love & Happy Thoughts from Chaos’s family.

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Day 9 – Great News!!

Hi everyone, we just wanted to say thank you for all the positive thoughts and prayers you sent Chaos’s way. We think it really payed off. Chaos had his chest x rays today and all was well, so he went straight into surgery and now we have a tripawd in the family.  We went and transported Chaos from our vets office to the emergency for the night to be monitored!  Boy oh boy, it didn’t matter how many post op pictures we looked at trying to prepare our self’s for when we seen him. Let me tell you it feels totally different when it’s your family member laying there with almost 75 staples and only 3 legs. Our big guy is a fighter though, he tried to stand up and it didn’t work out so well but it is was nice to see him try.


We are a little scared to bring home tomorrow because it looks so painful, and we don’t want anything to go wrong. But we will be glad to have him home safe and sound once he’s settled into his bed. So now we just hope his recovery goes smoothly, and the cancer does not return. Once we have him home, we will let everyone know how things are going.. Thanks again we really appreciate all the responces to help us through this rough time. Things will only get better from here on out!

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Day 3 & 4

Chaos was put on a new Pain killer and it seems to be helping him a lot more. He is eating again, and the old Chaos we know is peeking through. We know things are not really getting better until the surgery takes place but it is so nice to see that he is  little more comfortable.

It’s almost like he knows he is going to lose one of his legs, because he keeps trying to show us that he can use it. Chaos is in good spirits which is just what we want before surgery. ( Of course if his chest xrays come back clear)

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Hello world!

 Hi everyone, today is day 2 of a very sad situation.  Yesturday was truly one of the worse days my fiance and I have had to deal with. As I am sure you all know where we are coming from.  We found out our beautiful 7 year old  Rottwieler Chaos was daignosed with Osteosarcoma.  Bone Cancer! It was so hard to diegest. He doesn’t deserve this, he has been such an amazing boy to us. After crying for a while, we decided to do some research on the internet. Thats when we came across, what a good site to give us a little faith. We have been reading about other families expierences all day. Witch helped us come to the decision to go forward with the amputation, as long as his chest xrays come back clear.

  Let me tell you how this all started.  4 weeks ago we noticed Chaos started to limp around the house, and we knew  there was no injury to cause it.  We thought maybe he just tweaked somthing, so we watched him for a few days. In the mean while we massaged his leg hoping that would help,  after no progress we took him to our vet. She performed a couple tests on his knee  and thought that he may of particly tore one of his cruciate ligaments.  We could have delt with that since he had particly tore his acl in his right knee a few years back. WitchChaos recovered fine, but after 2 weeks he seemed to be getting worse rather than better. He was now totally lame on his left leg, and his muscles mass was decreasing rapidly. He also almost stopped eating all together.  So we took him back to our vet,  and she starts to do more test on him and with in minutes she suspects a tumor. 10 minutes after that Chaos was on the xray table, and that is when she sees the tumor and confirms that he has bone cancer in his distal femour.

 She goes over the options with us, and they included amputation of his left leg with intensive therapy to fallow or to try to keep him as comfortable as possible with pain killers untill the cancer spreads (if it hasn’t already). Then when that day comes where he just can’t take it anymore, we would put him down.  It was a hard night, and we had to decide what should be done.

   So we want to say “Thank you” to the creators of Tripawds and all the families stories on this wedsite in helpin

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