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2 Months after Surgery:D

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!Hi everyone, Sorry we have not made an updated  for a while we are in the middle of moving to Ontario. Chaos has been doing great, other then the fact it seems like he is a little more antisocial lately. He use to lay on the couch with […]

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Chaos’s Fight – Day 11, Day 2 post amp.

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!               Hi everyone, Chaos came home last night! YAY  Our Dr. was very impressed with the Web Master harness, we found the only store in Nova Scotia that carried them and they only had 1 large(we were very lucky […]

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Day 9 – Great News!!

Hi everyone, we just wanted to say thank you for all the positive thoughts and prayers you sent Chaos’s way. We think it really payed off. Chaos had his chest x rays today and all was well, so he went straight into surgery and now we have a tripawd in the family.  We went and transported Chaos from our vets office […]

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Day 3 & 4

Chaos was put on a new Pain killer and it seems to be helping him a lot more. He is eating again, and the old Chaos we know is peeking through. We know things are not really getting better until the surgery takes place but it is so nice to see that he is  little more […]

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Hello world!

 Hi everyone, today is day 2 of a very sad situation.  Yesturday was truly one of the worse days my fiance and I have had to deal with. As I am sure you all know where we are coming from.  We found out our beautiful 7 year old  Rottwieler Chaos was daignosed with Osteosarcoma.  Bone […]

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